Link to Aug 11th, 2012 Shows Results


Link to the Dec 10th, 2011 IPO Trial Results


Link to 2011 National RESULTS

Temperament Testing and UDC Breed Survey: Nancy Christensen
Conformation: Judy Smith, AKC and Fred Schmidtke, AKC
Obedience: Tony Cherubini, AKC
IPO Trial: Hartmut Beckmann, DV

DV ZTP Test Results May 1st, 2011

Judge: Rudi Killmaier, DV

Pictures of competitors can be seen here

  • Ascomannis Karo - Owner: Christopher Frank - SG1B
  • Dark Nemo vom Koby Haus - Owner: Jonathan Alvarez - V1A
  • Quinna vom Aurachgrund - Owner: Chris Rasmussen - SG1A
  • Navistar's Cruise control - Owner: Debra Hartzell - V1A - Best ZTP
  • First Stryk's Deadliest Catch - Owner: Tiffany Mahaffey - SG1B
  • Black Jax's Bits of Insolence - Owner: Kjersti Dabakk - V1B
  • Ascomannis Odin - Owner: Anne Controy - Held Back 3 months

UDC Regional Summer Conformation/Obedience Show - July 31/Aug 1, 2010
Judges Event
Nazarene Mondello Temperament Tester
Nancy Christensen Conformation Show 1
Barbara Russell Conformation Show 2
Vicky Brown Obedience shows 1 and 2